Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pelvic Alignment and Pelvic Floor Exercises

This article is analyzing the contemporary views of bio mechanical Scientist Katy Bowman and women’s health educator Christine Kent regarding the importance of correct pelvic alignment.  Their ground breaking work is a boon for Pelvic Floor StrengthPelvic Floor Strength  in all people because a misaligned pelvis can actually become aligned and well through movement education appropriate to individual structural states. 

Using their valid ideas as our central reference point to this article we come to the intelligent conclusion that Dis Ease in the structure of the pelvic floor originates from unhealthy and unconscious habitual movement patterns and postures that destabilize the pelvic floor and skeleton over time.  This self generated structural misalignment or de-stabilization on a continual basis is a major contributing factor in uterine, bladder and bowel prolapse issues within the human as well as  sexual dysfunction.  Prolapse in this instance means that the organs of generation and defecation fall and drop down the vaginal or rectal chambers and in extreme cases even exit the body.    

The importance of understanding and holding a neutral spine is of significant for exceptional pelvic floor strength but it is disappointing when such eminent teachers demote the great healing work done by their predecessors.  Dr Arnold Kegel (famed for teaching pelvic floor exercises for postpartum recovery and sexual fitness) and disregard the ancient eastern teachings that use the pelvic floor as a pumping station to pump metaphysical and electrical healing currents around the body.

Structural alignment is important to pelvic floor strength but to discount the amazing capabilities of the independent muscles of the pelvic floor seems foolhardy and dangerous.  If the muscles of the pelvic floor are insignificant in their capabilities then how is it so that there are courtesans who can lift over 20 kilos with a weighted sandbag attached to a dragon pearl Dragon Pearlswithin their vaginal chamber?

Unifying our and combining  both concepts that presently abandon each other in opposition in our efforts to encourage pelvic floor exercises (moving all quadrants independently whilst standing still and whilst dancing) in conjunction with correct postural alignment (neutral spine) is the most advanced way forward.  These two concepts working in concert with each other become a much more powerful team fighting the battle towards formidable pelvic floor strength and sexual fitness in humans.